Where do i go from here?

I like to dream about a happy place


There’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a long while

Artists should learn to coexist.
Not to always try to be ‘better’ than someone else.

See this photo there? It’s a popular one in tumblr.
All these drawings, which I found via google image search, seem to be based on it.
Which is most beautiful? Which artist is most skilled? The one drawing in a way that copies the photo the most well? Or the one who gives an interpretation in an interesting way?

I say: all are beautiful.
If you fall in love with an artists work and their style, there’s no point in trying to compare him/her.

I myself love to look at other people’s art here on tumblr. I think it’s inspiring to see good work from others, and it doesn’t make me jealous.

If you are a traditional drawing artist, no matter if pro or beginner, send me a message! I want to check out your blog!

Thank you :)